October 2013

TED: Ideas worth spreading

I was looking for ‘how to to’ videos to learn some techniques to sketch stylish. I found this inspiring video who is telling about sketch with electronics.
She is an engineer and she combined her interest with art somehow. I adore those people. I believe in myself that I am gonna create/discover something that combines my interests and will be a shining star 🙂 But till that day I need to be robbed to shine 🙂



I was checking what is the upcoming show in Ghetto Istanbul. I saw Burlesque Show and Electro Swing Part on 02.11 Saturday next week. It sounds interesting and start to check youtube video on this subject.

O big mama!

what a great burlesque shows! I really like it. It is on my to do list to watch live one of the shows.  What is more, I also find out that there is Burlesque Idol Show. I have never heard about it. I think it will take for a while to have such kinds of shows on Turkish channels however, it is delightful.

‘What is that in my mouth?’

Dining in the dark?!

Eating is an action to continue to your life for many people. For me eating is one of the great pleasure. I am lucky that I am surrounded with good cooks. The food should address to my mind my taste. I like the colorful and fancy plates. But nowadays people want to experience different things as much as possible.
Think that you are blind and you just perceive your food with the rest of your antennas.
It is said that we judge the food at first site when we perceive.
There is an old saying in here : ‘ my stomach is full but my eyes want more’ which could equal to being greedy sometimes 🙂

But I care to satisfy my mind too.  However, I think it is worth to try this place which is in London and I just missed this experience with 1 month.
I could ask from my mom to cook for me and leave me in the dark which seems cheaper, though.

Hello, Welcome!

Welcome to my little world again!

It has been awhile stop writing. But it is a good time to start again in a different website but this time is totally mine 🙂

My new address:

I am back!

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