Great idea! I really like these kinds of creative mind! I saw few years ago that someone stick usb on to the buildings for the ‘exchange the information’. This reminds me that.
At that time i thought it would be good idea to put information about the building that people can transfer the data from that stick usb.
anyways enjoy it!


Jan Vormann is a German artist born in 1983. He travels the world repairing crumbling monuments and filling cracks in buildings, monuments with plastic construction. He offers participation to anyone anywhere, who wants to join the project named ‘Dispatchwork’.

Jan Vormann:Have you noticed that toys for kids are generally very shiny and colorful? […] ‘Dispatchwork’ aims to seal fissures in broken walls worldwide, completing the material compilation in urban constructing and adding color to the urban greyscales, by inserting a very basic construction-material: Plastic Construction Bricks.

Plastic construction pieces are used to repair and fill holes in broken walls. Thanks to the generous support of numerous foundations, organisations and individuals worldwide network of participation has since been created.

Jan Vormann offers participation to anyone anywhere who wants to join. Dispatchers all over the world send him photographs of their own installations. A section called ‘Dispatchers Worldwide’shares their locations (more than 90 listed) on an interactive map.

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