It was our last day.  Pyramids were done and dusted, bazaar was explored, lunch was sitting well with everyone, it was time to get back to meet Asir.

He told us to meet him where we were dropped off – some ungoverned intersection near this bazaar.  I wasn’t sure how he was going to find us, but I’m guessing we stuck out amid the chaos surrounding us.

We make our way through the traffic and decide to wait for him at what seems to be a gas station.  He is nowhere to be found.  Maybe 10 minutes go by, then we hear his van come crashing up into the station parking lot.

–       ‘Asir, where were you?  We were afraid you ditched us.’

–       ‘Sorry everyone, I had to go home and change my clothes.’

–       ‘What do you mean change your clothes?  Where were you?’

–       ‘Well I was…

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